CIO Advisory

Many SME’s know they need to understand their strategic technology investments more, and at the same time want to support their own in-house IT teams to make the right decisions for the business to thrive.

A full-time CIO is often unaffordable, and would not provide value to the business – but the strategic thinking this role does bring is often missing on the board, and the guidance to technology teams lacking.

Gray Blue offers a number of affordable alternatives that can ensure your business is making the best use of technology and has a clear understanding of the roadmap required to enable your business to succeed. We can do this in a number of ways:

  • challenge and support technology investment proposals
  • propose investment ideas to increase profitability and/or cost-savings
  • provide insights to technology investments in the sector
  • review in-house and out-sourcing options
  • develop a long term digital and technology strategy
  • support existing IT and digital teams with mentoring and coaching

Our CIO Advisory services are available on-site or remotely, and we ensure continuity of advisory consultants with everything being fully confidential.

Business Engagement

We want to ensure we become part of your business as a trusted and independent advisor to help ensure you make the right decisions for your organisations. We do this in a number of ways:

  • attending board meetings (including pre-reading)
  • supporting senior leadership teams
  • developing digital and technology strategies
  • coaching and mentoring senior leadership teams
  • monitoring execution of projects and programmes
  • ad-hoc meetings to support any business requirement

We can provide CIO Advisory services over a short period to meet a specific need, such as merger and acquisition activity, or longer-term over several years.

Key Focus Areas

In your business you may have specific needs that require reviewing, or strategic decisions that need challenging and/or support to ensure the most appropriate action. Key areas that many organisations need support are around:

  • capability and maturity assessment
  • strategy, governance and risk
  • information and cyber security
  • IT and digital efficiency
  • managing IT and digital costs and ROI

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